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Quad Cities Dispatch Online 

“The Rock Island Line Comes alive in a new novel…”


Express Milwaukee Off  The Cuff


 Chick Lit Plus Author Spotlight 

“The world has long been multicultural, and has long been challenged by changing times.  People have also always found ways to adapt, and thrive despite the obstacles that confront them.”


Movies of The Mind

“Her innocent childhood with her best friend Lois (also discriminated against, but for being American Indian) contains a touch of comedy as neither girl knows where babies come from and Lilly is determined to buy a baby brother. Lilly grows up and eventually does discover how babies are born and how they die.”


Black Lilly Kitty

“Dobbs captured the speech pattern of her Grandmother and others who lived and grew up along The Rock Island Line. The only other books I have read where I thought the writer captured the speech pattern of those they were writing about are Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and George Burns in Gracie: A Love Story.”

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